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Angry Birds Seasons

In October 2010, Rovio released a special Halloween edition of game.[83] Angry Birds Halloween, exclusive to iOS at the time and a separate application from the main game, included new levels with Halloween-themed music and graphics.[83] In December 2010, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons to iOS, Android and Symbian^3 devices.[84][85] Seasons introduced 25 Christmas-themed levels, one for each day leading to the holiday, similar to an Advent calendar.[84][85] All versions include the previously-exclusive Halloween levels and are offered as separate, stand-alone paid applications, with the exception of the free, ad-supported Android version;[86] Angry Birds Halloween users on iOS received the Seasons levels as a free upgrade.[84] The Halloween version was given the episode title "Trick or Treat", while the Christmas episode was entitled "Season's Greedings". In February 2011, Rovio released a new Valentine's Day update to Angry Birds Seasons, entitled "Hogs and Kisses", complete with new themed levels and graphics, as well as the option to send Angry Birds-themed Valentine's Day messages through Facebook.[87] In March 2011, Rovio released a new St. Patrick's Day update, entitled "Go Green, Get Lucky",[88] followed by an Easter update, entitled "Easter Eggs", in April 2011[89] and a summer update, "Summer Pignic", in June 2011.[90] In September 2011, "Mooncake Festival" was released in conjunction with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.[91] On October 20, 2011, "Ham'O'Ween" was released and introduced a new orange bird, known as the globe bird.[92] In December 2011, "Wreck the Halls" was released with 25 Christmas-theme levels also arranged in an Advent calendar setting. "Year of the Dragon," a Chinese New Year-themed update, was released on January 20, 2012 (around midnight China Standard Time or January 19, 4:00 p.m. GMT).[93] The update includes an episode-exclusive Mighty Dragon. Its function is the same as the Mighty Eagle, but it can be used even by iOS users who have not purchased the Mighty Eagle, as well as Android and Symbian^3 users, whose versions do not carry the Mighty Eagle.[94] Another new update came on March 7, 2012 with the Japanese/Hanami-themed episode "Cherry Blossom".[95] This was announced earlier by Rovio Entertainment's Antti Sonninen in the ADC Meetup Sound event on February 29.[96] In June 2012, Angry Birds Seasons added their twelfth season, Piglantis.[97] It was launched on June 14, and is the second summer based episode (the first episode being Summer Pignic). The main new feature in Angry Birds Piglantis[98] is fluid physics: the birds, wood, and glass are buoyant in the water levels, however the pigs and stone are too heavy to rise to the surface and sink down until they are defeated.

Angry Birds Rio

Rovio launched Angry Birds Rio in March 2011.[99] In this version, based on the 20th Century Fox animated film Rio, the Angry Birds characters appear in Rio de Janeiro and interact with characters from the film.[99] Angry Birds Rio initially included two chapters including a warehouse chapter entitled "Smuggler's Den" and a jungle chapter entitled "Jungle Escape", but it has been updated with additional chapters and levels including a beach chapter entitled "Beach Volley", a carnival chapter entitled "Carnival Upheaval", an airfield chapter entitled "Airfield Chase", and one more chapter as "Smuggler's Plane." Since release, Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded more than 10 million times.[100]

Angry Birds Space

In February 2012, Rovio announced a new game in the Angry Birds franchise to be called Angry Birds Space.[101] Angry Birds Space launched on March 22, 2012,[102] and features elements from the preceding Angry Birds games as well as new gameplay mechanics.[102] The game contains 60 initial levels with extra levels available as free updates and in-app purchases.[103] Angry Birds Space launched on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, with a Windows phone release to follow.[101] For the launch of the game, Rovio partnered with wireless carrier T-Mobile to erect a 300-foot tall contraption, with a 35-foot tall red bird resting in it at the Seattle Space Needle to make it look like a giant slingshot.[104]
Pettit demonstrates microgravity using characters from 'Angry Birds.'
On March 8, 2012, new footage of Angry Birds Space, presented by NASA astronaut Don Pettit on board the International Space Station, was released. The video shows that the game's stage is no longer flat, instead comprising several different planets, each of which has its own gravitational field that affects the trajectory of the birds after launch.[105]
NASA states that such collaboration with Rovio Mobile may share the excitement of space with the Angry Birds community, educate users on NASA’s programs, and create interactive educational experiences for the public.[106]
The game also features new bird characters that carry their own unique abilities.[107] As of March 26, 2012 Angry Birds Space has been downloaded a total of 10 million times since launching on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Angry Birds Magic

A special version of the game, called Angry Birds Magic, will be developed exclusively for Nokia's NFC-enabled Symbian devices. This version of the game will include functionality that will unlock game levels upon contact with another NFC-enabled phone running the game. A free version of Angry Birds Magic came preinstalled with all NFC Symbian devices to be sold in 2011, starting with the

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